The Government brought in a change to the GST registration for companies and individuals. As per their notification, anyone who wants to register under the GST must also opt for Aadhar Authentication. The submission date for the application is the same as the Aadhar authentication. The officer involved in the same must act on the same form within just 3 working days.

If an individual doesn’t opt for the authentication for Aadhar, then there is a need for physical verification of the business. Once that is done, the registration number is also issued. The GST REG-03 is issued within just 21 days from the application’s submission without really opting for the Aadhar card’s authentication.

When the Aadhar Authentication isn’t opted for, the officer has to act upon it in 21 days.

These are the changes as per the advisory that was dated 21/08/2020 –

Aadhar Authentication for GST –

  1. The process to authenticate Aadhar is introduced, for people applying for GST registration under the Composition/Normal Taxpayer/Casual Taxable Person/ Input Service Distributor (ISD)/ SEZ Developer/SEZ Unit, etc. as per the form GST REG 01.
  2. Individuals need an authorized signature for different business types. The authorized partners and managing partners of partnership firms and Karta of Hindu Undivided Families who are applying for such new registrations can also undergo the authentication under e-KYC based on their Aadhar number.
  3. The applicants who don’t provide the Aadhar while also applying for the new registration where the authentication falls in the validation are subjected to the verification of the tax department’s site. They cannot provide any grants.


  1. The timelines for the registration include –


  • The registration is deemed successful within 3 working days after the authentication of the Aadhar successfully.
  • If the authentication isn’t opted or fails based on both the validation and the point of no SCN issued in 21 days, then the registration is deemed as approved.
  • A Tax officer will be able to issue the SCN within the specified period for the registration grant, such as the successful authentication of Aadhar. That is within 3 working days or when the taxpayers don’t want to provide the Aadhar card or when it fails in 21 days. The applicants can also submit replies within just 7 days of the issuing of SCN.


Other salient points on getting the Aadhar authentication –

  • Once the submission is done, there will be a link that is shared on registered GST mobile numbers as required in the application.
  • Once you check the necessary link for verification, the authentication window will be opened where they enter the number and OTP that’s received on the number, which is linked to the Aadhar card.
  • The taxpayers also have to complete the authentication of Aadhar for all the partners/promoters/Karta/authorized signatories etc. that are provided right in the same application to be availed.
  • The applicant can also access it whenever needed again by navigating to My Saved Applications > Aadhaar Authentication Status > RESEND VERIFICATION LINK
  • Those registered under the GST portal don’t have to undergo the authentication for Aadhar in this stage.
  • Those who aren’t Indian citizens or residents are automatically exempted from the authentication process.


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