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The Paramount Importance


Your business financial projection and valuation are of paramount importance when it comes to getting the funding you need. We can help you get your numbers correct.

Creating Business Value


When it comes to your start-up’s financial projection, there are multitudes of factors that need to be considered that can influence your valuation process. Our skilled experts in financial projection and valuation work closely with founders to untangle the mesh of numbers and data to enable start-ups to reach a conclusion that’s at par with their business value.

Financial Projection & Valuation

Our Financial Projection & Valuation covers the following

Studying historical financials

In-Depth Understanding of Business Idea

Identification of key metrics

Mention key assumptions

Dynamic and modular framework

KPIs for Business Success

Services & Products Details

Detailed Pricing Structure

Market Overview

Promoter Background

Strategy & Implementation

Financial Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Financial Projections, and why are they crucial for my business?

Financial projections are forecasts of your business’s future financial performance. They include estimates of revenue, expenses, profits and much more. These projections are essential for making informed decisions, securing funding, and demonstrating your business’s potential.

How can FinGurus assist me in creating accurate financial projections?

At FinGurus, we specialise in developing detailed financial projections tailored to your business. We analyse your historical data, market trends, and growth plans to create realistic and insightful projections that align with your business objectives.

What elements are included in a comprehensive set of financial projections?

Comprehensive financial projections include income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and many more elements. These aspects provide a holistic view of your business’s financial health, helping you understand profitability, liquidity, and overall viability.

I’m a startup with limited financial history. Can I still create meaningful projections?

Absolutely. While historical data is valuable, startups can rely on market research, industry benchmarks, and assumptions based on their business model. At FinGurus, we assist companies in developing projections even if you’re in the early stages.

How accurate are the financial projections created by FinGurus?

Our goal is to provide you with realistic estimates based on the information available. While projections inherently involve uncertainties, our expertise ensures that the projections are grounded in sound financial principles and industry insights.

What if my business experiences unexpected changes after the projections are made?

Business environments can shift. If your circumstances change, we can help you update your projections to reflect these changes. Regularly reviewing and adjusting projections is a smart practice to stay aligned with your business’s reality.

Can I use these projections to attract investors and secure loans?

Absolutely. Investors and lenders often require financial projections to assess the potential of your business. We ensure that you get well-crafted projections that can enhance your credibility and demonstrate your commitment to informed planning.

I’m not sure how to interpret financial projections. Can FinGurus help with that?

Yes. Our experts can explain the key metrics and trends within your projections, helping you understand the financial story they tell. We believe that understanding your numbers is crucial for effective decision-making.

What is the timeline for creating financial projections?

The timeline varies based on your business’s complexity and the scope of projections needed. Generally, it takes a few weeks to gather data, create models, and finalise projections. We are committed to working efficiently to deliver timely results.

How do I get started with FinGurus for my financial projections?

Getting started with us is easy. check out our contact details and connect with us and our team directly for assistance.

Getting started with us is easy. Don’t take our word for it, hear our client partners!


Total Experience



We are a fast growing business that started with one person in late 2016. We never had a CFO but thought we were reaching the point we
could use one in 2019-20, but weren’t sure. Hence, we initiated Finguru’s as our Virtual CFO.Our finance team and I always appreciate on how
onboarding FinGuru’s, had helped us with streamlining of ‘T’. FinGurus team is prompt in accounting and proactively guiding with best
practices in finance and related issues. They are extremely professional and aware of start-up scenarios, including funding.” ~ Watch the entire
accounts, finance & compliances. We were very impressed with the professional work done by FinGuru team and After about 9 months, they
also bagged the contract for being our Due diligence partners for our successful maiden fund raise from A91 partners.

Vikas Nahar, Happilo

For a small company looking to go big, one of the most important tools is the right financial advice, accompanied by robust support day to day
accounting. For Your Design, in spite of having great market penetration, we always lacked a guiding hand where future projections were
concerned. The entire team at Fingurus played a great role in helping us strengthen our accounts and better prepare for the future. 

Arun NairYourDesign Store

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